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Euro 2012 Stadium Guide

Euro 2012 stadium venues in Poland & Ukraine

     The excitement is growing each day for the upcoming Euro 2012 games. European nations are busy preparing for the Euro 2012 tournament. 8 stadiums are nailed down across Poland and Ukraine that will host to the designated European Football Groups during Euro 2012 tournament. Six out of eight venues are brand new stadiums that have been specially built for Euro 2012 while the other two venues in Poznan and Kharkov have been extensively renovated for Euro 2012.


For all those Euro fans who are planning their summer trip to Ukraine and Poland, Let us have an overview of the stadiums set to host the most entertaining event.

Euro 2012 Stadiums


The National Stadium

National Stadium, Warsaw

     European Championship will begin in The National Stadium, a football stadium in Warsaw, Poland on the land site of the former 10th anniversary Stadium. The new stadium has 58,500 seats. Construction began in 2008 and accomplished in November 2011. Since the beginning of construction, the stadium has attracted huge interest due to its revolutionary retractable PVC roof which adds to the comfort of spectators and player to enjoy the tournament preventing them during unfavorable weather. The national stadium is owed to host three games in Group A: the tournament opener between Poland and Greece on 8 June, Poland vs Russia on 12 June, and Greece vs Russia on 16 June. 1 Quarter-final on 21 June, 1 Semifinal SF on 28 June co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine.

PGE Arena

PGE Arena Gdansk Poland

       The PGE Arena Gdansk, initially known as the Baltic Arena, is a football stadium in Gdansk, Poland. It is widely used for football matches and was built specially for the UEFA European Football Championship. It is considered as one of the nicest stadiums in Europe with the capacity of holding 43,615 spectators. The stadium is one of the venues for the UEFA 2012. PGE Arena Gdansk is the largest arena in Ekstraklasa and the third largest in the country. Three games in Group C : Spain vs Italy on 10 June, Spain vs Republic of Ireland on 14 June, Croatia vs Spain on 18 June and 1 Quarter-final on 22 June.

Olympic stadium

NSK Olimpiysky - Kiev Ukraine

     The newly constructed NSK Olimpiyskyi (the Olympic Stadium) is found in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The Olimpic National Sports Complex as it's also known has been built as a multi-use sports facility that is capable of hosting an Olympic Games and is located on the slopes of Cherepanov Hill, Pechersk Raion.

This new stadium stands proudly as the new premier sports venue of the Ukraine and the stadium will play host to the Final of Euro 2012 on July 1st, 2012.

Municipal Stadium

National Stadium, Warsaw

      The Wroclaw stadium has already been found the center of attraction around the world because of its distinctive shape like Chinese Lantern. It is the second largest arena in Ekstraklasa and the fourth one in the country. The Municipal Stadium situated on the river Oder in Wroclaw,Poland is classified into a number of sections necessary for the proper operations of a sport arena. It is situated on aleja Slaska in the western part of the city with the seating capacity of 42,771 spectators seated and roofed. Three games in Group A: Russia vs Czech Republic on 8 June, Greece vs Czech Republic on 12 June, and Czech Republic vs Poland on 16 June.

Metalist Stadium

Metalist Stadium - Kharkiv (Ukraine)
       Oblast Sports Complex "Metalist" widely known as Metalist Stadium, is another a multi-use stadium in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The stadium is a also one of the venue for Euro 2012 championship with 38,633 seats. Locals named It as the 'Spider Arena' because it looks like big arthropod. The construction of this stadium started in 1925, and since that time the stadium has been renovated four times, Along with the transformations for Euro 2012. From the modernization point of view, the southern part of the stadium was rebuilt and an entirely new stand was constructed for audience. Now the modern stadium is well equipped with superior sports facility which consists of supportive football fields and an impressive huge conference room and an exclusive presidential box.Three games in Group B : Netherlands v Denmark on 9 June, Netherlands v Germany on 13 June and Portugal v Netherlands on 17 June.

Donbass arena

Donbass Arena - Donetsk (Ukraine)

      Donbass Arena is a stadium with a natural grass pitch in Donetsk Ukraine located in the heart of the city, in the Lenin Comsomol park that opened on 29 August 2009 with a capacity of 52,518 spectators, the Stadium will host some matches for Euro 2012. It is also one of the popular nightlife spots in Donetsk. The stadium also renders facilities for corporate events - presentations, press conferences and concerts. It also incorporates restaurants, lounge-bar, cafe. Three games in Group D: France vs England on 11 June, Ukraine vs France on 15 June and England vs Ukraine on 19 June; 1 Quarter-final on 23 June and 1 Semi-final on 27 June.


Arena Lviv

National Stadium, Warsaw

      Arena Lviv is a football-only stadium in Lviv, Ukraine. It is one of the eight UFEA venues, where it will host three of the group-stage games. The stadium has a total seating capacity of 34,915. The stadium's concluding name is yet to be declared. Lemberg stadium, the name of Lviv in German, is one of the names being reckoned. Three games in Group B : Germany vs Portugal on 9 June, Denmark vs Portugal on 13 June and Denmark v Germany on 17 June.

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